25_CCF10042017_00029.pngthe spectacular dracula with his favorite spatula
he’s always cooking up eggs
he’s a happy-go-lucky dracula
from his eyebrows down through his legs

the spectacular dracula with his favorite spatula
he cooks them scrambled, boiled or fried
he’ll prepare them thousands of ways for you
he’s all eggs, all of the time

This spectacular dracula is thank goodness a bachelor
its quite for the best you see
Though eggs may be quite tasty, a bit flatulent they make he

I asked this bachelor, this interesting dracula
with peaked curiosity
“whats with the eggs? why not blood? Please make some sense to me”

That old dracula with his smile so spectacular
just waved at me his favorite spatula
then replied to me in the vernacular:

“you might think that drinking blood comes to me naturally
but i gave it a try and didnt care for it
it made me sort of queasy”

Then the spectacular dracula raised his spatula and pointed it at me
I said “you’ve sold me egg man-
I’ll take two over-easy”