Up in the sun there’s a magical frog
but I’m afraid I don’t know his name
His skin is thick and coated with peanut butter
keeping him from catching aflame
He’s as tall as the empire state building
And he can jump as high 10 worlds
He’s a frog with  hair like a  lion’s mane
though instead of straight its curled
Now wait! (you say) Just a dog-gone minute, how can there be such a thing?
Well I haven’t even told you the grandest parts, like his meatball eyes and his wings!
The eyes don’t really see too well but they smell wonderfully of marinara
and his wings don’t let him fly but this frog is happy so he just don’t care-a
Hold on! (you shout) I don’t believe you! You’re nose must be growing long!
Well it’s true I tell you and if you think it false then i challenge you to prove me wrong