Its International Tuba Day! It’s International Tuba Day!
We celebrate it  every first friday in May
So grab a tuba and blow it away
Run through the streets and make it be heard
First blow one tuba,       then another,             then a third!
Lets have tubas tubas tubas tubas abound
In our homes in our neighborhoods- wherever ears can be found

Give a tuba to your puppies Give a tuba to your kitties
Give a tuba to your favorite turtle in Mississippi
Let every creature great and small
Play a tuba – one and all

Loud and proud
Big and brassy
Dynamic, smart and sometimes sassy

Take a tuba everywhere and play it like you just don’t care
(even when onlookers begin to stare)

Take a tuba into Sri Lanka
Tuba Idahoans then Casablanca
Just let your emotions fly out of a tuba
(but be sure to waterproof it, for when you scuba)

Standing out within a crowd
Every creature standing proud
From the tallest elephant to the shortest mouse
Even your neighbor in the small yellow house
Each with a tuba musically creating
some sweet tuba melodies-all captivating

Oh no-you Don’t have a tuba??
Ok don’t fret…
You’ll celebrate the tuba yet
Grab a tuba toothpaste!
That’ll work for the duration
You see it’s what you hold in your heart
that makes a tuba celebration