My uncle  keeps asking me what I would like to be
He says i’ll want a career but i tend to disagree

Are there openings for cartoon watchers or maybe just to eat candy?
He says he doesn’t think so
So come up with something more handy

Are there openings for painting designs on the tails of tadpoles?
No? well maybe dig a tunnel through the world and then charge people a toll?
Can i be a pilot of a pterodactyl and give rides upon his back?
How about asking ducks to be quiet when people tire of hearing them quack?

Do people need help thinking of wishes before their birthday cake?
Or can I get paid for making fun of my brother when he’s made a dumb mistake?

Ok wait- I think I’ve got an answer for Uncle that will suffice
I hear dental work is respected and the pay can be quite nice

But I wont be just a regular dentist that wouldn’t be for me
I’ll be an anteater’s dentist and take care of all their teeth!
I’ll floss the ant antennae out from in between their molars
Fill in the cavities and —

They don’t have teeth?
Uncle, ask me again when i’m older