When I take my pet gorilla for a walk
I get a lot of stares
What’s so strange about a gorilla on a leash
Just enjoying some fresh air?
Maybe it’s the leash I use
It is a funny color
Kind of a greenish polka dot
But I got it to match his collar

Is it my gorilla’s hair? I part it on the right
It could go to the left I suppose
But I think it looks alright
We sure do get a lot of stares
When my gorilla and I go walking
I don’t understand why it is
That everyone keeps gawking

Maybe it’s the clothes we wear
We enjoy matching outfits
Except I turned all of gorilla’s shirts sleeveless
(They were just too tight in the armpits)

42_CCF10042017_00000I guess I’ll never know why everybody stares
Why some people point
Others gape
And some even fall out of their chairs
It happens every single time
And every place we go
I’m entertaining the notion
That I might just never know

We could speculate all day and night
But let’s call this the end
It’s time for me and gorilla’s walk
Just a couple of best friends