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Its International Tuba Day! It’s International Tuba Day!
We celebrate it  every first friday in May
So grab a tuba and blow it away
Run through the streets and make it be heard
First blow one tuba,       then another,             then a third!
Lets have tubas tubas tubas tubas abound
In our homes in our neighborhoods- wherever ears can be found

Give a tuba to your puppies Give a tuba to your kitties
Give a tuba to your favorite turtle in Mississippi
Let every creature great and small
Play a tuba – one and all

Loud and proud
Big and brassy
Dynamic, smart and sometimes sassy

Take a tuba everywhere and play it like you just don’t care
(even when onlookers begin to stare)

Take a tuba into Sri Lanka
Tuba Idahoans then Casablanca
Just let your emotions fly out of a tuba
(but be sure to waterproof it, for when you scuba)

Standing out within a crowd
Every creature standing proud
From the tallest elephant to the shortest mouse
Even your neighbor in the small yellow house
Each with a tuba musically creating
some sweet tuba melodies-all captivating

Oh no-you Don’t have a tuba??
Ok don’t fret…
You’ll celebrate the tuba yet
Grab a tuba toothpaste!
That’ll work for the duration
You see it’s what you hold in your heart
that makes a tuba celebration



The Flying Penguin


I know of a marvelous penguin
Who can be seen above in the sky
Because after so many years of trying
He finally learned how to fly

Over six hundred-thousand attempts
It took him to achieve it
And when asked “How is this possible?”
He said “I guess I just really believed it”35_CCF19042017_00005


PeT dolphin 4 sALE

Chocolate Vegetable Garden

I’m trying to grow chocolate vegetables
in the yard behind our building

they say its never been done before
but I’m intent on making this score
because I can’t stand mom’s broccoli no more
and if you also choose to ignore
cauliflower, beets, and snow peas galore
come help me figure out this chore

and I promise then we’ll make millions

The Sun Frog

Up in the sun there’s a magical frog
but I’m afraid I don’t know his name
His skin is thick and coated with peanut butter
keeping him from catching aflame
He’s as tall as the empire state building
And he can jump as high 10 worlds
He’s a frog with  hair like a  lion’s mane
though instead of straight its curled
Now wait! (you say) Just a dog-gone minute, how can there be such a thing?
Well I haven’t even told you the grandest parts, like his meatball eyes and his wings!
The eyes don’t really see too well but they smell wonderfully of marinara
and his wings don’t let him fly but this frog is happy so he just don’t care-a
Hold on! (you shout) I don’t believe you! You’re nose must be growing long!
Well it’s true I tell you and if you think it false then i challenge you to prove me wrong



Remembering the man

Haddon Musings



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My kind of day

What a wonderful day I’ve had today!
The most wonderfullest fantastical marvelous stupendous bestest ever kind of day!
I swung around on vines with monkeys
I climbed the neck of a giraffe
I dug holes with burrowing meerkats
and from an elephant’s trunk got a bath
I rode on the back of a zebra
Upon an ostrich I did sit
I played a game of tag with a bear
(He just assumed that he was ‘it’)
What a most exciting and satisfying day it’s been!
I can only hope you have one too.
It just about all makes up for
getting banned from the local zoo

Lost in Space

My thumb has gone into a black hole and now i cant open this soup
When I realized my thumb disappeared I’ll admit I was thrown for a loop
I guess it fell off in my kitchen- hit the floor and did a roll
into this crack in the corner of the room where we have a small black hole
Scientists say that nothing ever returns from a hole of black
I’m hoping that every scientist is wrong

and somehow I’ll get my thumb back

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