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There exists a strong possibility of multiple smiles ahead.  Please take any imaginable precautions before spontaneous smiling occurs…

So begins the warning in the beginning of this comically entertaining collection of poems, doodles and tomfoolery.  Laughable lyrics in abundance as you stroll through poems and drawings designed for guaranteed smiles.
Come and meet the flying penguin.  Finally learn what trees dream of.  Maybe have some eggs prepared by a spectacular dracula with his favorite spatula.

Whatever your breakfast tastes may be, this collection of intelligent hilarity is perfect for the young and the young at heart. _intro_CCF02052017_00000_5x26x17


When I take my pet gorilla for a walk
I get a lot of stares
What’s so strange about a gorilla on a leash
Just enjoying some fresh air?
Maybe it’s the leash I use
It is a funny color
Kind of a greenish polka dot
But I got it to match his collar

Is it my gorilla’s hair? I part it on the right
It could go to the left I suppose
But I think it looks alright
We sure do get a lot of stares
When my gorilla and I go walking
I don’t understand why it is
That everyone keeps gawking

Maybe it’s the clothes we wear
We enjoy matching outfits
Except I turned all of gorilla’s shirts sleeveless
(They were just too tight in the armpits)

42_CCF10042017_00000I guess I’ll never know why everybody stares
Why some people point
Others gape
And some even fall out of their chairs
It happens every single time
And every place we go
I’m entertaining the notion
That I might just never know

We could speculate all day and night
But let’s call this the end
It’s time for me and gorilla’s walk
Just a couple of best friends

Skatterbrained Skydiving

I like to jump out of airplanes “WOO-HOO!”

and fall fast through the sky

I look at the clouds and the birds and the ground

rushing up, rushing past, rushing by

To skydive well you need to prepare

And buy all of the available products

I’ve spared no expense to keep myself safe

(I practically emptied my wallet)

My helmet helps to keep my head whole

My goggles protect both of my eyes

My altimeter gives me my altitude

And how quickly it’s flying by

My jumpsuit helps keep my body warm

my shoes cushion both of my feet

I do believe I’ve covered it all

what else could a skydiver need

Yes I certainly have thought of everything,

If there’s a jumper’s tool I have bought it

Ok, now it’s time to pull the-oops

oh shoot

my chute…i forgot it


Worm Field Day


I never get outside much
So today’s been a real treat
I was resting after a meal
And dozing peacefully
Next thing I knew
I was taken away
And put somewhere with my buddies
A surprise adventure?
How exciting!
Then all of a sudden twas’ sunny!

I mean I’m just a simple earthworm
And my life can be rather dull
Usually I just crawl around
And eat dirt until I’m full

But not today! No sirree
I feel like I’m finally living!
Don’t know what it means exactly
But I heard
We’re going somewhere called fishing


Skinny-Tall-Timmy always  wanted to be a fire-fightin’ man

He’s always done his best and gives his duties all he can

Saving lives and fighting fires was Skinny-Tall-Timmy’s goal

Alas They hired Skinny-Tall-Timmy to be the fire station’s pole47_CCF10042017_00020


Breathing in the air especially when it’s crisp and sweet
Invigorating all the way from trunk to smallest leaf
Magnificent energy sunshining down rejuvenating every cell
Drinking in the moisture from all the revered rain that fell
Feeling at one with all around and everything above
These are some things that I believe
My favorite trees do dream ofimg_1606


This frog has swallowed my house
And now it’s in a frog I live
He seems like an ok frog
and I’m willing to forgive

I’d really rather not live in a frog
And it’s not that I approve
It’s that nobody or nothing
-no matter what
gets to tell me when to move

I’m having Cookies for Breakfast

I’m going to eat cookies for breakfast
And not noone nor nothing can stop me
I’ve made up my mind
It’s the thing to do
Some chocolate chips
Maybe oatmeal too

Don’t care if it’s unhealthy
Or what other thinkers think
A bazillion horses couldn’t stop me
And all i need is milk to drink

It’s my tummy and I say
I’ll fill it my own way
If it’s all the same to you
You can have cookies too

Yet we should be super quiet tho
Because even though i’ll do as I say

If dad wakes up
There’s a slight tiny chance

He might not see things my way

The Occupation Botheration


My uncle  keeps asking me what I would like to be
He says i’ll want a career but i tend to disagree

Are there openings for cartoon watchers or maybe just to eat candy?
He says he doesn’t think so
So come up with something more handy

Are there openings for painting designs on the tails of tadpoles?
No? well maybe dig a tunnel through the world and then charge people a toll?
Can i be a pilot of a pterodactyl and give rides upon his back?
How about asking ducks to be quiet when people tire of hearing them quack?

Do people need help thinking of wishes before their birthday cake?
Or can I get paid for making fun of my brother when he’s made a dumb mistake?

Ok wait- I think I’ve got an answer for Uncle that will suffice
I hear dental work is respected and the pay can be quite nice

But I wont be just a regular dentist that wouldn’t be for me
I’ll be an anteater’s dentist and take care of all their teeth!
I’ll floss the ant antennae out from in between their molars
Fill in the cavities and —

They don’t have teeth?
Uncle, ask me again when i’m older


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